Bill Posters

Sawhorse Carpentry Adrian Stewart poster

Our new poster

Kate made our new poster today. I’m going to make like Bill Posters tomorrow and stick it up around Northcote. It’s our way of trying and drum up more work locally. I’m happy to drive across town – don’t get me wrong, but close to home is nice. Also I’m hoping someone is going to commission me to make them a set of wooden handle bars – and mud guards while we’re at it.

Here’s the full text from the poster;

We love making stuff – on all scales. We can build you a raised garden bed – with a chicken coop to match. We’ll put in an attic ladder for you, or a new built-in made from recycled timber. We’ll make you a new retro camper or wooden handlebars for your fixie. We can do the fitout for your café, or just fix your creaky door. We can build your spanking new extension, while caring for the fabric of the old house. We can bring your plans to life in a brand new build.

We’ll source the best recycled and high performing materials and fittings for you. We are committed to making the passive energy performance of your project the best it can be. We always take the time to reuse or recycle what we can. We are inspired by good craft, beautiful design and smart technology. Like we said, we love making stuff, give us a call.


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