Carpentry & construction

On yer bike chippie

Carpenter on christiania bike

Fully loaded bike

My head gasket blew in the work ute last week, and I had to finish off a toilet/laundry reno I was working on in Reservoir (the family had moved out while I was doing the job, so no-one wanted any delays). I had some trouble organising to hire a ute – so I decided to use our Christiania bike to haul the gear.

So I left home in Northcote with a bike full of kids, materials and tools. I dropped of the kids in childcare in Thornbury, and then picked up two bags of brickies sand around the corner, before heading out the Reservoir. I reckon I was pretty close to the 100kg the bike is rated to carry.

I actually made the trip from Northcote to Reservoir in less time that it would take in traffic in the work ute. Maybe I’ve found a better carpentry transport system.

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